Last day of student art exhibition

More than 100 pieces of art created by students are being exhibited for the last time July 4 at the Cayman Islands National Gallery’s Community Gallery.  

The bright and lively exhibition, which opened June 19, displays the works of students ages seven to 12 who took part in the Walkers Art Club after-school programs. 

“We believe that art is integral to the academic development of our children, and this program allows children of all ages, from preschool through high school, the opportunity to participate in a free comprehensive art classes,” National Gallery Director Natalie Urquhart said at the opening of the exhibit.  

The program gave students a forum to tap into inner creativity and expression through different arts and craft activities, organizers said. The result was a wide range of creations and themes ranging from Cayman icons and natural beauty to maritime history and art history. 

Some of the activities available to students were assemblage art, recycled art, painting, sculpture and collage. 

“It is very pleasing to see firsthand the remarkable talent from Cayman’s young artists … Walkers is delighted to have had the opportunity to support their creative endeavours for another year,” Walkers Senior Partner Mark Lewis said at the opening reception. 

“Walkers Art Club plays a key role in filling the need for creative, engaging, and accessible after-school programming – in Grand Cayman, and now also in Cayman Brac. The Walkers Arts Club provides a unique opportunity for students from public and private schools to work collaboratively and forge new friendships. Enabling students from both public schools and the private schools to meet and interact over art is something we are very proud of,” he added. 

Walkers has partnered with the National Gallery to provide free after-school programs since in 2005. After starting with Walkers Art Club primary and secondary classes, the program grew in 2012 to include after-school classes in Cayman Brac and a Teen Club for art students to aid in preparation for art and design examinations. The most recent addition to the schedule was Walkers Lighthouse Club in 2013, which provides weekly classes for young people from the Lighthouse School.  

“Through a combination of hands-on instruction and individual experimentation with foundation principles, children learn technique, art history, self-confidence and how to form and articulate opinions about the work they are creating,” said Ms. Urquhart. 


Daniella Watson gets creative in the art program.


Some of the students’ artwork on display.

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