Cayman model gets Macy's 'Glamorama' gig

Caymanian model Nicole Whittaker is making waves in the fashion industry after landing a deal with Macy’s, one of America’s biggest department stores.  

The 17-year-old will appear on the runway in four shows for Macy’s “Glamorama” fashion event this summer. The shows take place in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. The rock music/fashion events benefit various charities and will feature pop star Jason Derulo. 

“I received an email from my agency stating I had a request casting, which means the client requests to see you. I went to the casting and a few days later I received another email from the agency saying I got the job!” said Whittaker. “I felt really good about that because the casting was with hundreds of models,” Whittaker said. 

The young model says landing an international job like this will help boost her career. 

“The more I do big jobs like this, the better I build my portfolio and then more clients want to work with me,” she said. “It’s very challenging and competitive, so I always have to be at my best.”  

Whittaker says her interest in fashion and modeling took off from a young age, but she was not “noticed” until October 2012. 

“…The opportunity came my way when me and my family were pumpkin picking in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. A model scout named Elena Potapova discovered me, and my career started from there,” she said. 

“She worked with me on my walk, poses, and how to smile for the camera. She took me to Wilhelmina Modeling Agency to meet with the Runway department, and lucky for me they liked my look and drew up a contact right away,” she said. 

Whittaker said her style is trendy and mostly couture, and a little bit hip hop at times.  

“I can’t wait to see the clothes they picked for me. I know this fashion show will have a lot of high-end clients, so I’m pretty sure I will be nervous, but very excited for this big experience and exposure.”  

Whittaker has dreams of gracing billboards in Times Square in New York City and also wants to become a Victoria’s Secret model. She is represented by the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in Manhattan. 


Whittaker was featured in June’s Glitter magazine.


Whittaker updated her portfolio with photographer David Blanks.


Whittaker recently took some photos to update her portfolio. PHOTO: David Blanks.


Whittaker was taught how to pose and smile from her rep at Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

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