Sound show hopes to spool interest

With local motorsports relatively quiet, automotive enthusiasts now focus most of their attention on car shows. 

The latest one coming up is expected to be more of a celebration of sound than of outright performance. The Cayman Auto Enthusiasts Association plans to make a return on the local sports scene with an event on Aug. 30 called “Deaf Jam.” Automotive Art is slated to be the venue from 7 p.m. 

Wesrol Nyack is one of the association’s founding members and says the upcoming spectacle is about promoting enthusiasm for car audio. 

“Ken McTaggart and I started the association in 2010 but we haven’t done a show in over a year,” Nyack said. “We had the aim of putting troubled youth into something positive. That’s still the aim. People with idle hands tend to do things they shouldn’t do. These guys (who are into car audio) often have skills in technology and woodwork that they can use in college or a career. It all relates back to car audio. 

“We do these shows for free, we’re nonprofit. Any additional funds we get go to social programs like the Lighthouse school.” 

Next month’s show features a number of competitions, including the King of Bass title, sound pressure level classes, sound quality and installation segments, the crowd favorite class and a burnout competition. Most of those challenges focus on car audio levels and decibel readings for various automotive noises. Sponsored by Automotive Art, OnSite Concrete and Lawn Designs landscaping services, the event will have food on sale and a performance by local artists including Bruce Gordon, 18, who goes by the stage name Yung Fusion. 

Nyack said the connection between local music and car audio events is nothing new. 

“All of Bruce’s stuff is clean and he’s eager. Every show we try to promote someone locally. Most guys don’t have an outlet. We support our own and we’ve had the likes of Black Ken in the past.” 

As Nyack mentioned early, the association has been dormant for years. There had been attempts to stage a meet back in 2012 and the last official meet was in November 2011. Titled “Put Up or Shut Up,” the gathering at AL Thompson’s parking lot in George Town attracted a large crowd and numerous cars, from Honda Accords to Chevrolet Silverados, with advanced sound systems.  

Throughout its brief existence, the association has been notable for working with local bodies like the Cayman Motorsports Association while striving to keep the memory alive of former member Brandon Powery, a West Bay resident who passed away tragically at age 18 in 2011. 

Nyack said there are bigger initiatives planned for the future. 

“Aside from trying to promote other car associations, we wanted to move it further and go to schools, do woodwork and teach a thing or two. You never know, one or two of those kids can get a career or possibly a job with the skills they learn,” Nyack said. “That is still the plan and we want to be a more family-oriented association on a bigger scale. We definitely got more to come from this event.” 


Car shows now take center stage on the local motorsports scene. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES


Wesrol Nyack wants youngsters to stay out of trouble.

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