Online poll: World Cup heavily watched

More than 70 percent of the respondents to last week’s online poll reported that they watched at least some of the 2014 World Cup football tournament on television. 

Of the 422 total respondents, the largest segment – 197 people or 46.7 percent – said they watched as many games as they could. 

“I never watch football, but always watch the World Cup,” said one person. 

“I don’t have TV at home, but I managed to watch a fair amount of the World Cup games anyway,” said someone else. 

“I watched at pubs mostly because the local TV coverage was poor,” said another respondent. 

“The group stage was much more interesting than the final few games,” commented one fan who was almost assuredly not from Germany, the winner of the tournament. 

“Gooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll!” said one fan emphatically. 

The World Cup, which occurs every four years, took place in Brazil this year. During the 32-day period between June 12th and July 13th, 64 games were played featuring the national teams from 32 different countries around the world.  

Many of the games were played on weekdays starting at 11am Cayman time, with others in the afternoon and early evening. The final started at 2pm on Sunday, July 13th. 

Fifty-four respondents, or 12.8 percent, said they watched only the teams they liked, while another 31 people – 7.3 percent – said they watched only after the knock-out round began in the quarterfinals. 

Fifteen people, 3.6 percent, said they didn’t watch as much as they wanted because the broadcast was not up to par. 

“I saw nothing,” said one person. “The old bait and switch.” 

In total, 125 people – 29.6 percent – said they didn’t watch any of the World Cup games. 

“I don’t have a TV,” said one person. 

“Thank goodness it’s only once every four years,” said someone else. “There were so many other important things that deserved coverage, but they were minimized due to football.” 

The next World Cup will take place in Russia starting June 8, 2018. 

Next week’s poll question 

If single-member constituencies aren’t introduced during the current PPM administration, how will it affect the way you vote in the next election? 

  • I will still vote for all PPM candidates 
  • I will vote against all PPM candidates 
  • This issue will have no bearing on my vote 
  • I’m not a registered voter in the Cayman Islands 
  • Other (explain in comments below) 

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