Hamilton defiant as Mercedes division accelerates

Mercedes fans impressed by Lewis Hamilton’s fearless and thrilling driving style are hoping that he can continue closing the deficit on team- mate Nico Rosberg and win the drivers’ championship.

Hamilton remarkably worked his way up from a pit lane start and a first-lap spin to finish third as Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo beat Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso to win a sensational Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Mercedes camp is evidently divided after Hamilton refused orders to let Rosberg pass by during the race. The tension has been simmering all season as Mercedes have dominated races throughout.

Hamilton judged a thrilling race perfectly to hold off Rosberg, who finished fourth. Hamilton reduced the deficit in the drivers’ championship to the German to 11 points.

Mercedes announced they will rethink their approach to races after the controversy over team orders.

The feeling is that they want Hamilton to concede the championship to Rosberg and not jeopardize them crashing out in vying for first place. But Hamilton is not prepared to be content with just the runners-up spot. He wants a second world title.

Formula 1 Fans of the Cayman Islands watched the thriller on delayed TV at PD’s in Galleria Plaza.

“It was one of the most exciting races we had seen in recent times,” said Ade Doherty, a big Hamilton admirer.

“We had safety cars starts and stops for more times than I can remember which really mixed things up.

“For a change, we had an array of Formula 1 teams battling for the tops spots all with equal chances. Valteri Bottas in the Williams performed well, so did Jenson Button in the McLaren who at one point was first.

Doherty added that Alonso did the Ferrari proud for the first time this season and so did Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel who finished seventh.

“In the end, it was all down to selecting the right set of tires in the pits,” Doherty said.

“Ricciardo did Red Bull proud in the final couple of laps by first overtaking Hamilton and then going on to take top spot from Alonso.

“By the end of the race we were all still hungry for more.”

The Belgian Grand Prix is next on Aug. 24, and the F1 club will again be watching it at PD’s, from 9 a.m.

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