Meade must wait for NBA call

Basketball’s fun side got another airing with the “Shooting Stars” tournament that attracted players of all ages and abilities.  

John Watler, owner of radio station Star 92.7 FM, and morning show presenter Dane Ramoon organized the second annual 3 on 3 tournament at the Arts and Recreation Centre in Camana Bay on Saturday.  

Proceeds from sponsorship will benefit the National Trust, while the registration funds went to the Cayman Islands Basketball Association. 

Cayman 27 fielded a squad that included NBA hopefuls Ben Meade, Luigi Moxam, Kevin Morales and Debert Dawes.  

Ramoon said, “This is our second year of running the Shooting Stars. We felt that there was not a lot of influence in basketball, especially after Hurricane Ivan. So we’ve decided to keep it going.” 

Watler said he was overwhelmed by the support, almost double the participants from last year and it was in fact oversubscribed.  

Coach Victor “Voot” O’Garro and Collin Anglin, director of sports, were amongst the many who helped make the day run smoothly.  

“We were very happy with the turnout,” Watler said. “Basketball doesn’t get anymore attention in Cayman. Everybody talks about LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan … but no one puts it on and also we want to get the kids out.  

“They need to get exercise and we have an issue with kids being overweight and obesity. Exercise and basketball fun was the main reason and, of course, giving to charity.”  

Watler and Ramoon went on Cayman 27 the day before and promised to give the TV team a sound thrashing.  

“You’re the only team we really want to beat,” he taunted.  

But it was the journos who triumphed, although they had to rely heavily on Moxam, owner of Cayman Cabana. No NBA scouts rushed for their signatures this time, but only time will tell.  


Lots of girls enjoyed the tournament too.

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