Sonova Beach rallies to title

The Digicel Beach Volleyball League saw a dramatic conclusion on Public Beach. 

After eight steaming days of summertime beach volleyball, all the hard work was visible in the round robin, coed four-a-side competition between four teams in the AA and A divisions and 12 teams in the B and C divisions. There were several close battles between the top four teams, where we saw ATP and Sonova Beach alternate the top position. However, Sonova Beach rallied at the end with Kristopher Brand putting up an unstoppable effort at the net given his 6-feet, 7-inch stature. As a result, Sonova Beach got a cash prize last Sunday while ATP received a bucket of beer.  

The remaining winning teams from the other divisions got gift bags courtesy of Digicel Cayman. Aside from Sonova Beach, the other winners were Will Work for Sets (A division), Silver Bullets (B division) who topped Wakeboard Cayman and Kiss My Ace (C division). Kamilla Szypulska also walked away with a handsome Samsung Galaxy S5 from the Digicel raffle drawing. Digicel also provided registration bags for all of the teams. Prizes were also provided by Corona. Kirk Distributors was another sponsor that provided free Powerade, Vitamin Water and Dasani for the players every week. 


Digicel representative Ruth Kelleher with Sonova Beach members Etienne Lessard, Emily Hake, Richard Campbell, and Kristopher Brand.