Online poll: Dump plans get vote of no confidence

More than 82 percent of the respondents to last week’s online poll say they have hardly any or no confidence in the current government administration resolving the George Town Landfill problem. 

Of the 554 total respondents, the largest segment – 308 people or 55.6 percent – said they have no confidence at all that the People’s Progressive Movement government will resolve the problem during the current administration.  

“All they do is form committees to discuss everything,” said one person. 

“I’m not swayed one bit by the current government’s smoke and mirrors show with regard to the dump,” said someone else. “Based on Osbourne Bodden’s weak statements so far, it’s clear the PPM has no intention of doing anything but talking about the dump.” 

“It does not seem to be a pressing issue,” said another person. “I imagine they will wait until the situation hits DEF-CON 4.” 

“Are you joking?” commented one respondent. “I am confident only that they will hire more consultants to do more reports.” 

“Seriously?” asked someone else. “Confidence in my government for any major issue does not exist; not just this administration, all of them.” 

“Whoever says ‘a lot’ must also believe in Santa Claus,” quipped another person. 

“I have about an equal amount of confidence the current government administration will be reelected as well,” chimed in someone else. 

Another large segment of respondents – 147 people or 26.5 percent – said they had “hardly any” confidence in the PPM getting the dump problem resolved, although none left any comments. 

Fifty-six people – 10.1 percent – responded “a little” to the question, and 26 people – 4.7 percent – responded “a fair bit.” 

“I believe Minister Osbourne Bodden is sincere in what he is trying to accomplish in his portfolio,” said the only person who responded “a fair bit” to leave a comment. “Whatever in the world were the previous governments doing over the past 25-30 years to recycle and keep the dump from becoming the Mt. Trashmore that it has become now? Please recycle all plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, batteries, etc.” 

Only 17 people – 3.1 percent – said they had “a lot” of confidence in the current government administration resolving the George Town Landfill problem. None left a comment. 

Next week’s poll question 

Which government project on Grand Cayman do you think is most important? 

  1. Cruise ship berthing facility 
  2. Airport renovation and expansion 
  3. George Town Landfill resolution 
  4. George Town beautification  
  5. East-West Arterial road extension  
  6. Other (write in comments) 

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  1. Just sad but confirming of what everyone already knows. As a non-citizen but lover of the island and its people (caymanian and expat) my wife and I both would gladly take up (if the non-resident property purchase requirements weren’t so onerous) shovel, bulldozer, and pen to develop and promote a recycling plan and encourage the financial district and its tenants to reach out to and with their resources to move forward with a recycling and clean fuel program to burn existing and new trash. The technology has existed for years to correct the islands landfill problem but there is not the financial will to do it or willingness of certain groups local government to set said their egos for just one term. If my wife and I were able to relocate today we would do so in a heartbeat and devote ourselves to seeing that a solution at least on the works. That (a tentative plan) doesn’t even so much as appear to be on the beautiful Cayman horizon. Surely someone has the courage to take on this cause with more than just words. Give me the shovel, give me the pen.