LIME to fix fibre broadband

LIME has announced plans to upgrade its fibre broadband Internet service after customers complained about service outages.

“On Monday we implemented a fix for the problem and have been following up with customers to ensure the issue has been resolved,” said LIME chief executive officer Bill McCabe.

“All tests indicate that customers should no longer experience this inconvenience and will be able to enjoy the full benefits of their superfast broadband.”

Some customers said their Internet cut out for hours on a daily basis.

Mr. McCabe said the company has determined the fault was with the modem.

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“We are aware and have been working to resolve an issue where some fibre customers have had to reboot their modems.”

Approximately 300 customers were affected, Mr. McCabe said.

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  1. It is my opinion as a long time LIME customer that, despite an investment of 30 million dollars, the company is still struggling with the basics of good customer service. I get the impression that the customer service operation is somewhat disjointed and that the stores are not properly coordinated with the contact centre, which in turn is not properly coordinated with the online customer service operation, which in turn is not properly coordinated with the technical services operation, etc., etc. (Any combination of the above).

    LIME does offer some good products and has done a lot to bring some of the more advanced technologies to the Cayman Island, however, they need to do something about their poor customer service operation and the disjointed nature of the different internal and outsourced units that provide services to their customers.