Travel critic lists CAL among his 8 top airlines

Renowned travel critic Richard Bangs listed Cayman Airways among his eight favorite airlines on which to travel in a recent Huffington Post article. 

In his article “The Eight Great Airlines for 2015,” Mr. Bangs said he wanted to “memorialize” his personal recommendations based on recent flights on large and small carriers. 

As well as Cayman Airways, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, LAN Airlines, and Emirates made the cut. He flew Cayman Airways in 2012 and his report from that trip is included in the Huffington Post article. He liked the fact that Cayman Airways allowed two free checked bags, which he called “the exception these days.”  

He was also impressed that he received a complimentary rum punch on board, noting, “It is also the only carrier I’ve ever flown that offers rum punch on the service tray.” Mr. Bangs points out that the rum was supplied by Tortuga Rum, run by Robert Hamaty, whose son Basil was captain of the CAL flight he was on. 

Mr. Bangs, an explorer, author and TV personality, has published more than 500 magazine articles, 14 books, and more than 20 documentaries. He has lectured at the Smithsonian, the National Geographic Society, and the Explorers Club.  

Responding to the accolade in a media release on Monday, Cayman Airways President and CEO Fabian Whorms said,“Richard Bangs is a respected travel critic who travels the world for a living and has had the chance to compare all the major airlines in the world. In addition, The Huffington Post, owned by AOL, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning news outlet. The opinions of Mr. Bangs and of Huffington Post are therefore noteworthy and hold considerable credence.” 

He added, “We are delighted to be part of this important listing, which puts the spotlight on all the incredible hard work of our Cayman Airways family, who always go the extra mile to provide a superior service for all our customers, travel critics or not.”  


Richard Bangs arrives in George Town on board a Cayman Airways plane in 2012 in this screen grab from a video report he did of his trip.

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