Tourism employment drive ahead

Caymanians looking for a job in the tourism industry are being urged to sign up with the National Workforce Development Agency to qualify for the Cayman Tourism Employment Drive on Saturday. 

The employment drive, which launched in 2013, aims to match unemployed Caymanians with prospective employers in the tourism industry. 

“I am very proud to be president at a time when there are collaborative efforts encouraging the employment of Caymanians in the tourism industry,” said CITA President Kenneth Hydes. “CITA’s members have done their part in identifying vacancies within the industry and understands the united effort necessary in tackling some of the island’s unemployment issues.  

“We look forward to making a difference through this effort, ensuring that interested persons are given the opportunity to be screened for prospective jobs in the [tourism] industry.” 

Unemployed Caymanians will not qualify for assistance through CayTED unless they register with the National Workforce Development Agency in advance, according to employment officials.  

Another employment drive will be held Oct. 25. Each applicant will be contacted with an appointment time for one of the two scheduled sessions.  

At the employment drive, applicants will be expected to fill in a job history and application form, and they will be screened by human resources professionals who will be tasked with ascertaining the applicant’s relevant experience, interests, talent and potential.  

CITA employers will then reach out the candidates who are deemed “job ready” to set up job interviews.  

Applicants who are “not yet job ready” will be referred to industry resources on site to identify training which could be beneficial to them.  

NWDA Manager of Employment Services Lois Kellyman said, “CayTED is a CITA initiative that arms job seekers interested in the hospitality industry with the opportunity to connect with a variety of relevant industry stakeholders. 

“We are pleased to know that CITA is once again fully involved in this initiative as it speaks to their understanding that getting people involved in the industry takes consistent and continuous effort in order to be successful.” 

Unemployed Caymanians can find out how to register with the NWDA by emailing [email protected] 
or calling 945-3114. 


Ken Hydes addresses the team at last year’s employment drive.

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