New waste management head appointed

A veteran of Canada’s waste management industry has been appointed to lead Cayman’s effort to solve its well-documented landfill problems.

Jim Schubert, the former project manager of a “waste to biofuels” project in Edmonton, will be responsible for “all aspects of project delivery for the proposed integrated solid waste management system,” according to a government press release Friday.

A Strategic Outline Case prepared by government’s waste management steering committee and publicly released in May, recommended that plans for new facilities be produced alongside a comprehensive national solid waste management strategy, encompassing all three islands and embracing recycling and waste-to-energy technology.

Jennifer Ahearn, chair of the project steering committee, said Mr. Schubert’s career commitment to reducing, recycling and reusing waste fit with the intended new philosophy of the Cayman Islands.

Osbourne Bodden, the minister responsible for environmental health, said, “We are excited to have a professional of this calibre on-board, and are confident that he can play a key role in keeping the project moving forward.”

The May report suggested the overall solution to Cayman’s well-documented landfill issues would cost more than $100 million and take at least until 2019 to complete. It said public-private partnerships would likely be necessary and that residents would ultimately bear the cost, possibly through garbage collection fees.

Mr. Schubert will take on the role of senior project manager in the Public Works Department’s Major Projects Office. He has worked in the solid waste management industry for 25 years, according to the release, and successfully put in place a system in Edmonton that will ultimately lead to 90 percent of the city’s waste being diverted from landfill, including for energy.


  1. In the hands of Public Works as it should. I have confidence in our public works department to get the work done if you give them the funds. Efficiency of the work force essential to meeting budget restraints is low in my opinion, I would give the Cayman workforce an efficiency factor of 65 percent, low but correctable. It would be interesting in time to hear your estimate of the workforce efficiency factor.

    Mr Jim Schubert, welcome… I hope you keep us all updated on your progress with regular project status reports.

  2. We live just outside Edmonton, and know that the Edmonton waste system is very effective. In our much smaller city, only a few kilometres from Edmonton, we have special bins and have had for years. It is so very effective and the resulting waste reduction is amazing. A few dollars for collection is well – worth the results. Good on Cayman for hiring somebody with Mr. Schubert’s knowledge. We are frequent visitors to your beautiful island. You need to do something and quickly about waste reduction and management.

  3. Does sound like a good move to me, but I have to ask is this part of the solution that that Bodden said they already had during their Campaign. So let me see if I have this right, it takes a Steering committee and trip to the US to tour waste management facilities in order to hire someone to come in and do the job. Also, since he’s now on the job is there still a need for the steering committee ?

  4. Hate to be negative here but I hope he will be allowed to do a better job than the previous veteran of Canada’s waste management industry employed by DEH whose only apparent legacy was the Matrix scrap metal scandal.

    Mr Schubert, your predecessor’s efforts got buried in Cayman Islands politics – please don’t let that happen to you.

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