Families remain at eviction site

A week after electricity was cut off at their homes, the relatives and children of missing landfill worker Anna Evans continue to live on the Shedden Road property in George Town without power or water.

The families were served eviction notices earlier this month.

The children and sister of Ms. Evans were getting ready to relocate last Wednesday, but issues arose that kept them from doing so. Noreen Dixon, Ms. Evans’s sister and caretaker of her children, said she is still working with the Department of Children and Family Services to get the family relocated.

“I am not getting no further ahead,” Ms. Dixon said Tuesday. “The apartment that I found, the landowner contacted the Children and Family Services to say there was a problem with the sewage system and she did not know how long it would take to have it fixed. This means I might have to be looking for another place.”

“It is not easy to find a two-bedroom apartment for $800,” she added. “I am willing to do what I have to do to move but … someone needs to step in and do something abut this situation.”
The eviction and possession orders were issued after landowner Kent Rankin moved to possess his property earlier this year. Residents living at the site dispute his right to the land and refuse to move.

Lucy Ebanks, Ms. Evans’s mother, said she has no intention of leaving.

Court bailiffs placed padlocks and posted possession orders on Ms. Ebanks’s home on Oct. 15, as well as on the home of Anthony Scott, who also refuses to leave.