Sentencing date set for Brac stabbing

A Cayman Brac woman who pleaded guilty this week to wounding with excessive use of force in acting in self-defense has been ordered to report for sentencing in Grand Cayman.

Katie Jo Powell, of West End, Cayman Brac, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to wounding Anthony de la Torre.

Powell, 26, was originally charged with the attempted murder of Mr. de la Torre in the early hours of Saturday, April 20, 2013, in the area of Tip Top Boutique, West End, Cayman Bac. The location is near her home.

She was also charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in connection with the same incident. She pleaded not guilty to both charges in September 2013.

Mr. de la Torre’s injuries included a superficial laceration to the right side of his neck; a laceration to the right side of his face extending to his right cheek; a deep laceration in the upper chest area; and two lacerations to the right hand, one of which involved the thumb.

Trial began on Monday in the Aston Rutty Centre before Justice Charles Quin. Powell, represented by attorney John Furniss, had elected to be tried by judge alone.

At the close of the Crown’s case on Tuesday, Powell was re-arraigned and again pleaded not guilty to the two charges on the indictment; however, she pleaded guilty to the new charge.

Crown Counsel Neil Kumar discussed the matter with Mr. de la Torre before accepting the plea. Mr. Kumar then advised the court that the guilty plea was acceptable and the other two charges could be left on file.

Justice Quin said Mr. de la Torre, 29, had taken a “very mature” view of the evidence.

The judge said Powell was clearly not 100 per cent to blame, but she obviously had caused the injuries. Fortunately, he noted, they were not serious or permanent. “One thing is for certain – everybody had too much alcohol,” he commented.

The evidence he heard indicated that Powell had been out with female friends at the Coral Isle bar until 2 a.m. Mr. de la Torre had also been out that night with a friend.

The judge ordered a social inquiry report for Powell and a victim impact statement from Mr. de la Torre. He extended Powell’s bail until 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

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