Sharknados circle Flames, aiming to extend league lead

Round eight of the Fall 2014 Adult Inline League is about to skate ahead.

Kings Sports Centre hosts a pair of roller hockey contests on Tuesday. At 8 p.m., the 1-1-5 Highrollers battle the 2-1-4 ITS Solar Bears before the 4-3 Cayman Hot Sauce Flames challenge the league-leading 6-1 Sharknados at 9 p.m. Much of the focus will be on the late game, as the competition’s top two sides have taken different paths to success. The Sharknados have relied on a superior offense, scoring a league-high 76 goals, while the Flames – the reigning champions – have been disciplined on defense, allowing a league-low 42 goals.

The Sharknados are coming off a 15-7 victory over the Highrollers last week. Evan Ellbogen, James Osborne, Claude Plamondon and Jason Windsor scored while Osborne, Plamondon, Dan O’Flaherty and Windsor registered assists for the winning team. Chris Anton, Jeremy Hadley, Gordon Mattison and Darryl Hather scored while Mattison, Rob Seward, Tim Courtis and Joe Jewitt had assists for the Highrollers.

Cayman Hot Sauce are looking to recover from a 9-4 defeat at the hands of the Solar Bears. Derek Bruce, Matt Lawson, Mike Bowden and Dennis Paschier scored while Bruce, Paul Strenk and Cody Bateman notched assists for the Flames. Brad De Schiffert, Jagger Hope and Brendon Malice scored for ITS, while De Schiffert, Malice and Brendan Rainonen grabbed assists.

Ellbogen is on pace to take the scoring crown this season, netting a league-high 44 goals thus far. Paschier, 13 goals, is a distant second followed by Mattison (11 goals), De Schiffert and Etherington (10 goals apiece). O’Flaherty has a league-best 16 assists, followed by Joe Jewitt of the Highrollers (11 assists), Osborne (10 assists), Paschier and Plamondon (nine assists apiece).