Beach Bay developer agrees to build road

A U.S. developer linked to a five-star hotel project in Bodden Town has confirmed he has signed an agreement with government to build a new stretch of coastal road fronting his property in Beach Bay.

John Layton said work on building the short section of road could begin before Christmas.

Government would be responsible for completing the road, which would link Beach Bay Road with Manse Road.

Mr. Layton, a real estate and private equity portfolio manager, said he was not ready to discuss his plans for the property publicly. Government has previously said the site will be developed for a luxury hotel.

The agreement to build the road, which would add new access to the property, is the first concrete sign of that development moving ahead.

Mr. Layton told the Cayman Compass, “The government has approved and we have signed an agreement with them to build a portion of BP40, a road that was gazetted back in 1979.”

He said the developer would fund the roadworks bordering the property and would start work as soon as government fulfills its obligation to notify landowners in the area.

The road will initially lead nowhere, since government has yet to approve the necessary works to complete the construction through to Manse Road.

However, it would provide access to any future development on the coastal land owned by Mr. Layton. He said discussions are ongoing about the development of the site and indicated he would be in a position to give details of the plan shortly.

“We will start getting on with the road, hopefully, before Christmas, and we will take it from there,” said Mr. Layton, who is also managing director of New York firm Melkonian Capital Management.

Kurt Tibbetts, the public works minister, indicated in the Legislative Assembly in September that the road was not, in itself, a priority for government, but said in combination with the developer’s support to build the half-mile stretch between Beach Bay Road and Manse Road, it would help move forward the mooted hotel project and unlock the development potential of other coastal land along the route.

Speaking in support of a rezoning application for a neighboring piece of property, related to the wider hotel plan, Mr. Tibbetts said, “The developer is proposing to construct a hotel and a resort on the two subject parcels and the adjoining land to the west,” he said.

“The footprint for the development which they plan cannot be accommodated by the parcels already zoned hotel/tourism so, in order to accommodate the project, they have made this request for the rezoning… it is important for the project that the rezoning take place.”

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