The Bodden Town connection

Bodden Towners could be getting a Christmas gift 35 years in the making — the beginnings of a coastal road, planned since 1979, that would connect the historic capital to Beach Bay Road, and eventually Pedro St. James.

Such a corridor would not only provide commuters with an alternative route to and from Savannah, but more importantly will open up to future development the last significant stretch of inaccessible seafront land that remains in Grand Cayman. After all these decades of Bodden Town residents protesting that their district has been left behind George Town and West Bay, perhaps it is finally their turn to experience a real tourism boom, and the accompanying employment and profit.

However, let’s not allow our rosy visions of the future to overtake the present reality. What is currently being proposed is for the U.S. developer of a proposed resort in Beach Bay to build the portion of the road verging on his property. The government would be responsible for completing the remainder, which would connect Beach Bay Road to Manse Road in Bodden Town.

Taken by itself, the new hotel will have a tremendous positive impact on the area. The new road will further amplify those economic effects, creating the opportunity to establish an entirely new tourism-oriented zone in Cayman. (“One Mile Beach,” maybe?)

It is most encouraging to see the government’s apparent support for the project and willingness to work with the developer for the benefit of the island. In September, George Town MLA Kurt Tibbetts, the public works minister, said the new road isn’t an urgent priority for the Progressives government.

With all the other things on the government’s plate, that’s understandable. But if we were Bodden Towners, we’d probably be pressing the four elected members from our district to bump this particular item a few spots up the agenda.


  1. What I would like to know from our representatives in Bodden Town, is for them to tell the people exactly who and how will Bodden Town residents benefit from the proposed road for a hotel at Beach Bay area..
    Bodden Town need businesses conducted in Central Bodden Town. After all it was the first Capital, So why can’t we have a local craft market to sell fresh fish, bred-kind, fresh fruits and juices, candies and other things, instead of vendors having to take to the roadside. There is nothing that is open and encouraging for residents to have a small business.
    Take for instance the piece of land across from the Rankine Plaza in Bodden Town, which the Government old health clinic was situated. That building was destroyed with a political promise before last election. Ever since it has been used as a parking space for private business. People know what is going on. Since they do not want to do something with the Huts on the public Coe Wood Beach, why don’t they move them to the old clinic vacant space.? I will always be watchful and complain until they do what is right in the interest of the people and not only themselves, and making promises to the people.
    I have nothing against the person building the road at beach Bay, but my question still stands, What will the people of Bodden Town profit from this.

  2. I have to ask if the Bodden Townians will actually approve of this, do they really want anyone building homes on that seafront land. Judging from their reactions to other projects I would expect pushback on this.
    I agree that it seems the CIG is willing to work with the developer, but are the Bodden Townians willing to work for the benefit of the whole island. We all witnessed their reaction to having the islands Waste Management facility in their district and how they’d rather cost us all hundreds of millions of dollars then to have it in their area. I am sure there will be complaints about this one way or the other. I think that’s just the norm.

  3. I sure hope New Years day garden party would be restored back to its rightful venue; The Manse yard location by the beach on Manse Rd. Whoever disrupted this made a big mistake by moving such a wonderful joyous occasion with an already proven excellent location, mistakenly or by ignorance moved to the Boddentown community center. As a G towner I looked forward to this occasion annually, now it is less attractive and somewhat boring and not holding the positive taste experienced by those of us that attended the BTGP THROUGHOUT THE YEARS. Why do we keep throwing away our moral compass and losing our way where all things Caymanian are concerned?. Great day!
    P.S The tourists also enjoyed the beachside annual BTGP in the past!

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