Taking the ‘CayMAN Pledge’

The Family Resource Center is challenging men and boys to take the CayMAN Pledge to mark International Men’s Day next week.

“This year, we are asking men and boys to make a commitment to hold themselves to a high standard and take the CayMAN Pledge. This pledge challenges men to think about the kind of contribution they wish to make this month and how they can be role models,” said Miriam Foster, coordinator for the Family Resource Centre.

Participants are asked to submit photographs of men “living the pledge” to the Family Resource Centre’s Facebook page. The winning photograph will be selected based on the number of likes, and the winner will be announced at CayMAN Pledge Night.

Those who take pledge undertake to provide guidance for their family and be a role model to their community; to promote healthy masculinity by encouraging expression of emotions and giving equal affection to boys and girls; promote equality by giving value to both male and female contributions to society and raising their children to understand all people have equal value; and to display self-control by managing impulsive behavior, especially when it comes to anger, substance use and disciplining children.

By taking the pledge, participants also vow to speak out against violence and live a violence-free life in words and actions; to model healthy relationships by encouraging men and boys in their life to examine their attitudes about violence, power, control and entitlement; and to be strive to be knowledgeable and make themselves better “spiritually, morally, mentally and socially” for the benefit of themselves, their family and their community.

CayMAN Pledge Night will take place at Regal Cinema in Camana Bay on Nov. 19, with a screening of “Boys’ Voice” – a short film featuring local boys talking about serious issues that affect their lives. The film is produced by the Family Resource Centre, Ben Hudson and Mari Abe.

According to organizers, the event will focus on a number of objectives, including working together to promote positive male role models; celebrating men’s positive contributions; focusing on men’s health and well-being; highlighting discrimination against males; and improving gender relations and gender equality.

Based on the year’s theme, Parenting Plus segments will air on Cayman 27’s “Daybreak” show on Nov. 27. A roundtable on Radio Cayman’s “Talk Today” show will also focus on the theme on Nov. 19.

Also to mark the event, the Davenport Development International Men’s Day Football Tournament will take place on Nov. 22 at the Camana Bay Sports Complex

Davenport Development has donated a $500 prize for each winning team. Other team sponsors are the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation, Island Taste, and the Complaints Commissioner’s Office.

For more information, contact the Family Resource Centre at 
949-0006 or email [email protected]

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