A Cayman welcome to our visiting healthcare delegates

Welcome, all visiting delegates to the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference.

Taking place from today through Saturday at The Ritz-Carlton, the fifth annual event focuses on the topic of chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, respiratory disease and obesity.

The listed speakers from the U.S., Cayman and elsewhere in the Caribbean boast impressive resumes and experience with organizations across the Western and Eastern hemispheres, as well as the western and eastern halves of Grand Cayman.

With representatives from sectors public and private, local and international, academic and practical, for-profit and non-profit, the Healthcare Conference, in our minds, is no ordinary professional convention, but is a glimpse of Cayman’s future potential.

The subject of this year’s event is particularly apropos, considering the February opening of Health City Cayman Islands, a milestone development we believe could reshape the island over generations, for the better, as the foundational hospital grows into one of the world’s preeminent medical complexes, and establishes an umbilical link tethering Cayman to the global healthcare-based economy.

If the partnership between India-based Narayana Health and U.S.-based Ascension Health is able to bring about Dr. Devi Shetty’s vision of creating a 2,000-bed multi-specialty facility here (which itself is only a modest part of Dr. Shetty’s grand design to transform how the world practices medicine), not only will “destination healthcare” join conventional tourism and international financial services as the “third pillar” of Cayman’s economy, in all probability it will surpass them both.

Destination healthcare combines the best factors of tourism (visitors who spend while they’re here) and financial services (new professional residents and job opportunities) while avoiding some drawbacks, such as dramatic seasonal visitor variations or growing scrutiny of the international movement of funds. The result of Health City, we hope, will go beyond shiny new buildings and additional revenue for government, but will constitute an entirely new phase in the history of Caymanian society — from seafarers, to hosts of people and their money, to healers of people’s bodies and minds.

The future of the global healthcare industry is so breathtakingly bright, and the prospects for Cayman so dazzlingly splendid, that Pinnacle Media — publisher of the Cayman Compass — has jumped into the sector with both feet by launching two new publications focusing on healthcare excellence in Cayman and beyond.

Debuting in early 2015, the Cayman Health Directory is a comprehensive publication of essential health information, including authoritative articles, guides in case of healthcare emergencies, and listings of leading healthcare practitioners in Cayman, South Florida, Houston and other medical centers in North America.

Joining it in 2015 will be Cayman Health, a high-quality magazine that will highlight Cayman’s emergence as a global healthcare center.

We offer our congratulations to the sponsors of this week’s Healthcare Conference, including Tenet Florida Hospitals, the government’s Health Services Authority, Tower, Dart Cayman Islands and CONCACAF, among others.

To the event organizers and guests, we raise a proverbial glass and propose a toast in sanguine spirits: “Cheers! Here’s to your health.”

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  1. How about other,stress related noncommunicable chronic diseases (conditions) that are sweeping the world but remain unrecognised,rejected, misunderstood and misdiagnosed by medical professionals? such as chronic fatigue syndrome,dysautonomia,autoimmune diseses,depression? It is more common than you think.They are new health threats in the 21 century.