Online poll: Most concerned about Ebola

More than two-thirds of the respondents to last week’s online poll said they were at least a little concerned about the current outbreak of the Ebola virus in certain parts of the world. 

Of the 271 total respondents to the one-week poll, 73 of them – 26.9 percent – said they were tremendously concerned about Ebola. 

“If it reaches a major city, it could spread worldwide causing millions of deaths,” opined one person. 

“People from all over the world are coming to Cayman and not knowing who they have been in contact with,” said someone else. 

“Easy airplane travel around the globe from poor countries,” said another respondent. 

“Because of the large expatriate work force in Cayman, vibrant tourism industry and traveling habits of residents,” said one person. “All of these factors can potentially easily import Ebola to the Cayman Islands.  

Another 58 people – 21.4 percent – said they were somewhat concerned about the virus. 

“This could easily get out of control,” said one person. “See the movie Outbreak.” 

“[I’m concerned because] of bad U.S.A. policy of admitting Ebola people into that country, who could then come here,” said someone else. 

“It has strong similarities to start and spread of HIV,” said another person. 

“Uneducated populace makes diagnosis/treatment harder,” said one respondent. 

Fifty-three people – 19.6 percent – said they were concerned just a little about Ebola. 

“It’s always good to categorize potential threats somewhere in your mind, but there’s a better possibility of me dying of the flu or getting killed in a automobile accident than contracting Ebola,” said one person. “And, [contrary] to what is happening in Third World Africa, Ebola isn’t even close to a death sentence in the Western World.” 

“I’m barely concerned because the issue would never reach the shores of Cayman,” said another person. “The infection rate of Ebola is incredibly low in comparison to other diseases and illnesses like malaria. Our sanitation in Cayman exceeds that of the few African countries infected with the disease, so we shouldn’t worry. There is only a single grain of sand in my desert of concerns and that single grain is for Ebola; the desert is everything else, so by comparison you can see that I honestly could care less.” 

“It is a serious problem that cannot be ignored, but unlike the epic pandemics that over history have ravaged the human race, we now live at a time during which information and technology will address and ultimately manage the Ebola outbreak,” said someone else. 

“I would have preferred for most of the money dedicated to Health Services Authority to have gone to the Mosquito Research and Control Unit for the eradication efforts for Chikungunya, a local reality, instead of ego-driven, phantom Ebola-preparedness,” said another respondent. “There are seemingly no adults in charge of our scarce resources.”  

Eighty-six people – 31.7 percent – said they weren’t concerned about Ebola at all. 

“The Americans will get it under control very soon,” said one person. 

“The dump will kill us all long before Ebola does,” said someone else.  

“In Cayman you have more chance of being struck by lightning than you have of catching Ebola,” said another person. 

“It is a localized outbreak and not easily transmitted,” said one person. “Worry about the flu instead.” 

“People are crazy for worrying about this fairy tale disease,” said one respondent.  

“Death is the primary purpose of life,” said another.  

Next week’s poll question 

The holiday buying season is upon us. How much do you think you’ll spend this year compared to last year? [Explain your response in comments] 

  • Much more this year. 
  • A little more this year. 
  • About the same as last year. 
  • A little less than last year. 
  • A lot less than last year. 

To participate in this poll, visit starting Nov. 24. 


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