Animal welfare group warns of collar wounds to dogs

The animal welfare slogan that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, has been repeated so many times it has almost become a cliché.

But horrific neck injuries suffered by a neglected pup found in West Bay last week show the consequences of failing to follow this simple maxim, according to Lesley Agostinelli of Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts.

The dog was found with a deep gash around its throat, where a collar had become embedded. The collar had been put on when the dog was around 3 months old and tightened around his neck, like a noose, as he grew.

By the time he was caught by volunteers using lassos, the collar had cut into his flesh and was millimeters away from his jugular. Ms. Agostinelli said the wound was infected and the dog likely would not have survived much longer in the wild.

She said he was the victim of simple neglect. From his age, around 12 months, she suggests it is probable that he was given as a Christmas present and then carelessly let loose a few months later.

“It is an old message, but dogs are not disposable. You can’t just throw them away when you get bored,” She said anyone buying a puppy needed to remember they are signing up for a 12- to 15-year commitment.

“This was just carelessness and neglect. If you put a collar on a dog, you have to realize it is going to grow.”

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