McKeeva Bush turns 60

Supporters of Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush threw a party on Tuesday to celebrate the legislator’s 60th birthday at the home of Lewie Ceto Hydes in Governor’s Harbour.  

Emcee of the evening Chris Saunders advised the 200 or so people who came to the party that there were only two rules: Rule No. 1 was “no politics” and rule No. 2 was “no politics.”  

“Mac wanted me to make it clear that tonight isn’t about politics,” he said.  

However, when he addressed the crowd, after he thanked his friends for coming and those who had organized the event, Mr. Bush slipped into familiar territory, commenting on the need for everyone to put their differences aside and work together for the good of the country. 

“I know Chris said ‘no politics,’ but what am I going to talk about?” Mr. Bush said with a laugh.  

When someone from the crowd yelled out asking if Premier Alden McLaughlin was going to come to his party, Mr. Bush responded, “No, his hairdresser didn’t have time to do his hair.” Then laughing heartily at his own joke, Mr. Bush added, “Sorry, I couldn’t help that, either.” 

Mr. Bush singled out for praise his wife, to whom he will have been married 40 years this year, and his son Barry, with whom he said “I am well pleased,” and he urged the attendees to enjoy themselves. 

“This is a party,” he said. “A D-A-N-C-E party. Enjoy!” 


Richard Smith and George Hunter were among those who attended McKeeva Bush’s 60th birthday party.


McKeeva Bush smiles while listening to emcee Chris Saunders during the formal part of his party. – PHOTOS: ALAN MARKOFF


The leader of the opposition with his son Barry, who prepared fish on the barbecue for the celebration.


Emcee Chris Saunders points to Mr. Bush when he started talking about politics at his 60th birthday party.


Lonny Tibbetts and Rolston Anglin joined the birthday celebrations.


Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush with his wife Kerry at his 60th birthday celebration. – Photo: Alan Markoff


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