Rising Stars B edge out UCCI

The netball season has started, and the next matches are at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex on Thursday.

Lights International play All Stars B, and Rising Stars A are up against 
their B team.

On Saturday, Blue Diamonds take on All Stars, and Socialites play UCCI.

At the first matches of the Cayman Islands Netball Association league last Thursday, around 100 spectators enjoyed a night of highly contested games.

UCCI gave an exceptional display, taking the lead over Rising Stars B during the third quarter, and were drawing until the final seconds, when Rising Stars B secured the last 
goal to win 37-36.

Match bench officials are recording the shooting statistics of all shooters in the league to capture the best one and to present an award at the 
end of the season.

In the other matches, All Stars A beat Lights International 53-14, Rising Stars A defeated Blue Diamonds 43-17, and Affinity were 35-20 victors over Socialites.

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