Runway mishap delayed seven flights, canceled two

A cargo plane steering malfunction that sent a twin prop plane veering onto the grass at Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International Airport Tuesday ended up forcing the cancellation of two inbound flights.  

According to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, three incoming flights on American Airlines [US Air] and Delta were delayed Tuesday. Four outbound flights on Cayman Airways were delayed.  

The last delayed flight was listed as having arrived at Owen Roberts airport minutes before 3 a.m. Wednesday.  

Cayman Airways officials did not state how many people were on board the delayed flights, but hundreds of airline passengers were affected by the runway incident which took airport officials four-and-a-half hours to clear Tuesday afternoon.  

The cargo plane landed around 12:30 p.m., and the airport reopened around 5 p.m. 

According to the airports authority: “The aircraft chartered by Cayman Airways landed without issue, but while still on its final landing roll at slow speed, reportedly experienced an apparent steering problem.” This resulted in the aircraft leaving the runway on the north side of the runway strip, according to CIAA. 

The twin prop plane, a Convair, was built in 1953 and then was converted to a 580 turbo prop in the late 1960s, according to airplane records.  

The company that owns the plane, IFL Group of Florida, had two pilots and 4,000 pounds of fuel on board.  


The cargo plane rolled onto the grass beside the runway at Owen Roberts International Airport on Tuesday, closing the airport for four and a half hours. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

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