Primary students win regional storybook competition

Three primary school students from Cayman are among the top 10 winners in a region-wide story writing competition. 

The stories written by Ellie Nickason, 10, from Cayman Prep and High School, Diamond White, 9, from Prospect Primary School, and Zara Garafolo, 9, from St. Ignatius Prep School were 10 chosen from students throughout the Caribbean in Rotary’s regional 7020 Butterfly Storybook competition. Their stories will be published in the Butterfly Storybook, available on Amazon. 

A total of 187 stories were submitted from various rotary clubs around the Caribbean.  

The students received a regional prize in addition to a local prize of a $50 gift certificate to buy books, presented by Rotary Sunrise club president Kim Remizowski. The three students were guests of honor at Rotary Sunrise’s weekly meeting on Jan. 14, when their stories were read for members and guests. 

Sponsored by the Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020, the competition was open to “young, emerging writers” to create stories around the theme: “Lighting up Lives through Acts of Kindness, Friendship, Leadership and/or Respect.” 

The club asked Rotary clubs to invite children between ages 7 and 11 to submit a story of 300 to 750 words and to choose the best three. The literary competition in Cayman involved 102 entries from eight schools.  

“This year’s impressive number of entries is a testimony to the interest that the competition has generated among primary schools,” said Hendrik-Jan van Genderen, Rotarian coordinator of the local competition. 


Rotary storybook winners, front from left, Ellie Nickason, Diamond White and Zara Garafolo, with Rotary President Kim Remizowski and Hendrik-Jan van Genderen, Rotarian coordinator of the local competition.

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