Red Cross honors its volunteers

The Cayman Islands Red Cross has given a big thank you to its volunteers. 

Olivia Raposo, who has been volunteering for the past three years, was named Cayman Islands Red Cross 2014 Volunteer of the Year at a recent awards ceremony. She also received the Volunteers Choice Award, Thrift Shop Volunteer of the Year honors, and a shared award for First Aider of the Year,  

Her friend, Dulsey McCoy, Volunteer of the Year for 2013, handed over the award to Ms. Raposo during the annual volunteer appreciation dinner at the Westin on Jan. 17. The event, in its 10th year, drew more than 100 volunteers.  

“We say this every year, but it’s always worth repeating: Volunteers don’t do what they do for the awards,” said Carolina Ferreira, Red Cross deputy director. “They do what they do for the love of the community and a genuine interest in leaving things a little better than how they found them.”  

She added that there is no way to appropriately thank them for their contributions, “but there are far too many ‘thankless’ jobs out there, so at the very least we can try to let them know just how grateful we are for their commitment and that they are appreciated.” 

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson also honored the recipients. He expressed his gratitude for their work and congratulated them. “At a time when you can’t turn on the radio without hearing more about what is going wrong and what needs to change, you are part of the solution,” Mr. Manderson told the volunteers, acknowledging their contributions to the nation. 

The Red Cross acknowledged all volunteers as the organization’s greatest and most valuable resource and listed its accomplishments for the past year:  

  • 30 youths were trained as junior lifeguards 
  • More than 1,000 people were trained in basic first aid, CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) 
  • 75 people in different districts were trained as part of the Community Emergency Response Teams  
  • The Thrift Shop assisted 100 clients with furniture, clothing and household items  

The HIV and AIDS Awareness and Education Program initiated its partnership project, “Protection starts here,” for training and awareness in conjunction with the Red Cross, and developed an educational DVD. 

“We say this every year, but it’s always worth repeating: Volunteers don’t do what they do for the awards.”
Carolina Ferreira, deputy director, Cayman Islands Red Cross 


Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presents the Red Cross Volunteer of the Year award to Olivia Raposo.

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