Businessman on false document charge

Local businessman Lewis Molson Ebanks appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, when a charge against him of making a false document relating to a deposit for a property was committed to Grand Court.

Details of the charge are that between Feb. 1 and 28, 2012, while at Empire Development’s head office at Bayshore Plaza, North Church Street, Ebanks made a document, a letter dated Feb. 1, 2012, on behalf of Empire Development to Scotiabank and Trust (Cayman) Ltd. purporting that a named person had paid CI$23,750 to Empire Development as a deposit on a specified villa, when in fact she had not paid that amount.

Because Ebanks is represented by an attorney, Michael Snape, the inquiry was short form, meaning that no evidence was discussed in court.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats directed Ebanks to appear in Grand Court on March 6.

Ebanks, 45, first appeared in court on Nov. 4. On Jan. 13, he elected to have the matter tried in the Grand Court, so a preliminary inquiry was scheduled for Feb. 10.