Donation helps track progress of preschoolers

A local kindergarten says it can now buy a long sought-after software system that allows its teachers to track the progress and development of young children in its care.

First Baptist Christian School already has the assessment tool in place to keep track of individual student progress in its older pupils. The tool enables the school “to identify areas of weakness and potential improvement at a much faster rate when compared to conventional methods, significantly improving the student transition from one grade level to the next,” said Ricky Ducent, media and marketing specialist at the school.

“Significant improvements have been seen in the students transferring from Wee Care to the elementary school and even on to other schools, an achievement the school is particularly proud of,” he added.

The software is expensive, and the school could not afford to buy the version that includes the ability to track children as young as 3 years old in its Wee Care kindergarten.

According to a press release from First Baptist Christian School, that’s where Henrico DuPlessis, finance manager for Rubis Cayman Islands, came in, making good on a promise from a few months ago and presenting the school with a check for $1,350 during First Baptist Christian School’s weekly chapel on Monday.

“Fundraising efforts were planned to raise the money to purchase this software, but due to the limited resources available, this was a dream that didn’t appear as if it would be realized in the near future,” Mr. Ducent said.

“At the mere mention of the school’s intention to acquire this software in a recent kindergarten open house back in late November 2014, Mr. DuPlessis, a current parent of two children enrolled in FBCS Wee Care, approached the school principal, Dr. Linda Cross, about the possibility of Rubis Cayman Islands sponsoring the purchase of this software,” he added.