Romanian trio admits credit card conspiracy

Three Romanian nationals admitted using cloned credit cards to withdraw money from cash machines in a conspiracy to defraud Cayman Islands banks.

Two of the men, Roland Pop and Ianaca Vismos, also admitted money laundering in relation to more than US$100,000 in cash found in their possession. They denied related charges of theft. The guilty pleas were accepted by the Crown last week, and the two men are scheduled to appear for sentencing on March 31.

A third man, Florin Roata, admitted the conspiracy charge but denied money laundering. His girlfriend, Mariana Oprinoiu, denied charges of conspiracy, theft and money laundering. Her case was adjourned till March 20 for a trial date to be set. Roata’s case was adjourned pending discussions between counsel over his plea.

Speaking through an interpreter during a lengthy arraignment in Grand Court on Friday, the four Romanians entered a mixed set of pleas to the various charges.

Pop and Vismos admitted using cloned cards to withdraw cash from banks in Cayman in December last year.

The pair denied stealing more than $100,000 in cash during the same period but admitted a charge of money laundering in relation to US$101,698 found in their possession. Pop admitted to another charge of money laundering in relation to a money transfer of US$19,736.

Roata also admitted using cloned cards to withdraw cash.

Oprinoiu and Roata denied three charges of theft in different currencies totaling around $30,000 in relation to the credit card scam.

They also denied money laundering charges connected to allegations of possession of US$19,511.

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