Guadeloupe was superb U-15 test

Having lost 8-1 to the Guadeloupe U-15 national team in their first match, Cayman lost 2-1 to USBT in a tightly contested second match.

“Overall, it was a valuable learning experience, especially given this team has only been together for a couple of months,” said U-15 national team head coach Virgil Seymour.

A squad of 15 of players participated and were accompanied by assistant coach Glen Whewell and other national team officials.

Seymour said that the Guadeloupe trip enabled the team to get better acquainted since the players are from different Cayman clubs, and the coaches learned a lot more about the players.

“Winning or losing one game at this stage is not important,” Seymour said. “The coaches have taken a structured approach to preparing the players for this summer’s CONCACAF U-15 tournament, and our goal is to prepare the team for maximum performance in the next five months.”

Seymour said that during the trip the team had several constructive meetings and other sessions and information from these sessions will guide the U-15 team’s preparation going forward.

Renard Moxam, director of national teams, said, “The games provided our coaches and players an opportunity to further determine the level at which we need to get our team to play at on a consistent basis in order to compete – not just participate, in the tournament this summer.”

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