Fight Factory gets a kick out of Dutch master's presence

Cayman Fight Factory, the Muay Thai gym in Industrial Park, welcomed a former Dutch and European kickboxing champion for three seminars last week.  

Clyde Petres came from Zwaag in the Netherlands to pass on tips to two student groups before giving a masterclass to the coaches the following day. 

Petres gave many Muay Thai tips, sharing his knowledge and experience gleaned from 28 years at the sport’s top level. 

“The seminar kicked off with a high intensity warm-up and he kept us sweating throughout,” said Tristan Wesenhagen, who helped organize the visit and also housed Petres.  

“Petres taught us new techniques to help improve and develop our offensive and defensive skills.” 

In one demonstration, Petres showcased the difference on impact with a simple twist of the hand or by using a person’s body weight in a slightly different way when kicking. Consensus was that these were powerful and invaluable lessons.  

Apart from being a former world-class fighter, Petres has trained the likes of brilliant Dutch mixed martial arts champions Tyrone Spong and Remy Bonjasky and is now training a group of potential world-beaters. 

The Dutch master introduced Fight Factory students to more effective combinations through punches, kicks and knees and at the same time “reading” an opponent and learning to get him or her off balance to take them down easier.  

“His enthusiasm and respect for the sport were extremely well received by all lucky enough to be in attendance,” Wesenhagen said.  

“The seminar was tough, intense, and overall an excellent experience. After all, it’s not every day you get to practice hands-on with a professional Muay Thai instructor and kickboxing champion.” 

Fight Factory was created through a group of Muay Thai enthusiasts pooling their resources to open it a year ago.  

All the coaches are volunteers and no one earns a salary. Any profits are ploughed back into the Fight Factory for new equipment and general overheads, as well as funding seminars like this. More are planned in the future. 

Anyone interested in learning Muay Thai can attend their first lesson for free at Cayman Fight Factory.  


Cayman Fight Factory members learned a lot from Clyde Petres. – PHOTOS: TANEOS RAMSAY

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