First playoffs add a little edge

The 2015 TSCL Youth Flag Football League playoffs start this weekend and judging by the quality of games played last Saturday, any team is capable of going through to the later rounds. 

In the senior division at the Camana Bay field, the No. 1 seeded Security Centre Packers face the No. 4 seeds Popeyes Saints, who have struggled offensively throughout the season. Nonetheless, the Saints are fired up and still have a chance to turn things around.  

The Packers, who played well during the regular season, will not take the Saints lightly.  

That comes from last week’s game when the Packers came close to losing, as they beat the Dart Dolphins 14-12 in a tight encounter.  

Standout performances from ReShaun Wright, Jordan McLean and Kalie Broderick helped the Packers to victory.  

The Dolphins, who finished third in the regular season, face the No. 2 seeds Overtime Thunder who are coming off a 24-13 win against the Saints.  

Then the matches start in the junior division for kids aged 7-9.  

The first round of playoffs will see matchups between the No. 1 seeded Burger King Gators facing the No. 4 seeded Maples Raiders.  

Deemed as the sibling rivalry game, with Solomon kids playing on both teams, this match is set to be exciting.  

The Gators have a great group this year, who are progressing after each game.  

Players such as William Levy, Maddison Chin and Chad Ebanks are stepping up and leading their side along with the help of the whole squad.  

“At the end of the day, the point is for this group to have fun,” said coach Scimone Chin. “I love the smiles on their faces after they know they have done something right, just as much as I enjoy correcting their mistakes.” 

The Gators beat the Raiders 31-8 last weekend and play again this time. The Raiders will still put on a great fight as they too want to continue for a playoff run.  

The EFG Lions will face the Broadhurst Buccaneers. They played last weekend and the Lions won 14-2.  

Coached by Brad Conolly and Chester Hurlston, the Buccs are not a team to take lightly and even though physically small, they are known to rally back and execute big plays at key times.  

In the last spot of the day, the middle division starts the playoffs with matchups of the UBS Eagles against CaymanWater Blue Bombers and the Conyers Cyclones play SRS Steelers.  

The Eagles, the No. 1 seed, are coming off two excellent games where they put 62 points on the board.  

Last week they faced the Steelers, whose defense was boasting the best stats in the league.  

The battle ended with the Eagles winning 21-0. The No. 2 seeded Cyclones hope to continue the Steelers’ losing streak this weekend and bounce back after the 13-0 loss they received last weekend from the Blue Bombers. All in all, each team is highly motivated.  

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