Nicaraguan group supports food program for children

The Nicaraguan Culture Committee, a nonprofit organization, has donated $1,000 to Feed Our Future.

The committee presented the check Friday morning to Feed Our Future chairperson Stacey VanDevelde. The money will go toward providing food for children whose parents cannot afford to give them lunch.

“One hundred percent of the donation will go towards food,” said Ms. VanDevelde. “We do not have any operational costs and ask for a lot of support in many ways … It is challenging at times, but we have managed to be successful because of the generosity of the community and people like this committee that share the passion we have,” she said.

NCC committee member Carol Kelly said, “Life is about giving, and when you don’t give, you feel empty. I was always taught to give … I am so grateful that we are able to give [this] money to help feed our children.”

Ms. VanDevelde said that as the economy shows some signs of improvement, this will mean that some of the parents who are struggling to find consistent work will do so. “The fact of the matter is, some parents cannot [provide] and the children suffer. This may be a small donation, but it makes a big difference,” she said.

To assist schoolchildren with nutritional meals, Feed the Future has an enrollment process at schools, which starts in August and runs through the end of the year. Applications must be completed by a parent or guardian and list other financial assistance. It must also include a letter from the school, ministry, counselor or community officer, or someone familiar with the family. The Feed Our Future Board processes the applications.

Carl Solomon, spokesperson for the committee, said, “We feel that since we have made Cayman our home. We need to start doing more for the community in which we live. … Feed Our Future is not the first organization we have assisted. The group has also donated to the dialysis unit, the Cancer Society and others,” he said.

For more information, contact NCC president Anna Watler at 916-7653.

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