Pascal set for Texas relays after injury

The 20-year-old Caymanian has being doing very well in the classroom and on the track.

On Wednesday, he throws for the Mizzou Tigers in the Texas Relays at the Mike A. Myers Stadium at the University of Texas in Austin.

Pascal hopes to compete at the Pan American Games in Toronto this summer.

His technique has been improving over the past months, and intense workouts in the gym have made him a lot stronger.

Pascal has been throwing well over 68 meters (74.4 yards) with not too much effort. He said it’s about 75 percent effort that he is doing on a short run-up of only four or five steps, which is about half the run-up that he normally does.

His coaches at the university are excited about and pleased with the progress, but are restricting his throwing as protection from the right elbow problem sustained last year.

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