Permit cost reduction for farmers

The cost of obtaining a work permit for non-Caymanian farmers and farm assistants has been cut nearly in half, according to details published Monday by Cabinet.

Non-Caymanians hired here as farmers, livestock farmers, farmhands or farm helpers previously cost $550 per year to employ on work permits in Grand Cayman, and $412.50 per year to employ in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

According to a Cabinet decision on March 10, the cost of obtaining those yearly permits has been reduced to $300 on Grand Cayman and $225 per year in the Sister Islands.

Immigration Department statistics for January indicated that about 150 people held permits in the Cayman Islands to work as farmers or livestock farmers. No corresponding figures were available for farmhands or farm helpers.

Government officials provided no reason for the reduction of the permit costs.

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