Junior team for Caribbean championship finalized

The tournament will be in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, in the first week of July.

Andrew Jarvis will be in the 16-17 years age group. Others are Joe Purton and Joe Ribbins (14-15), and Aaron Jarvis and Justin Hastings (11-13).

James Walton, Cayman Islands Golf Association vice president and junior golf coordinator, congratulated the five juniors who made the team.

“As they have been playing competitive golf for less than two years, to put in these consistently good scores is a real achievement,” he said.

Walton also congratulated the other juniors who took part, many of whom are very new to the game and whose scores improved dramatically over the series. They will challenge for team places next year, he said.

“Playing competitive golf is not easy,” Walton said. “Not only do you need the skills to hit the shots, but the mental side of the game is very demanding.

“You are on the course for around four hours, and at this level you don’t have a professional caddy to help you. You have to concentrate, focus, and make all your own decisions about how to play.

“This is one of the great challenges of the game, but also one of the reasons that golf is great for developing life skills in young people.”

The team has the support of the North Sound Golf Club professional coaching staff and will use the practice facilities in the three-month run-up to the tournament.

Golf association president Paul Woodhouse said, “The ongoing junior programs are really beginning to show results.

“It is great to see these juniors playing well in competitions and coming out to play and practice as often as they do.”

Woodhouse thanked the parents for taking their children to the course to practice and play, sometimes well after dark when they are on the floodlit practice ground.

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