Beach cleanup follows Easter weekend

Cleanup crews were hard at work Tuesday morning to help clear up the litter left behind by the thousands who flocked to Cayman’s beaches over the long Easter weekend. 

When most people packed up Monday to get ready for the workweek, many left behind trash, old mattresses and all matter of litter. But early Tuesday morning government crews were loading all that detritus into trucks.  

By midday, many of Cayman’s public beaches were almost back to normal, save for a few tents still standing. The campsites had been replaced by tourists lounging in the sun.  

Trash, piled in, on and around bins, had, for the most part, been carted off from many of the beaches before Tuesday afternoon. 


Abandoned mattresses and other garbage are loaded onto the back of a cleanup truck on Tuesday morning. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay


  1. Don’t forget, even when someone is found fly tipping here, as well as leaving the "catch me if you can" message, all they have to do is clean up their original mess…without their name being broadcast.

    Such a tough punishment!

  2. I honestly never got what was the big idea regarding Easter Camping.

    For all I know, it should be banned if campers cannot clean up after themselves.

  3. Jeremy although with the surname Smith I hope you are not a Caymanian. Because camping has been a Caymanian tradition for more than 60 years.
    Although I agree campers should clean up their mess. However your suggestion of banning campers is not a good statement. We WILL NOT allow anyone to take this piece of tradition from us, and I am very positive NO GOVERNMENT will attempt to ban people from camping at Easter or any other time. Remember up to the water mark on the beach IS OURS.