Angry air passengers demand travel refund

Paying passengers turned away from Jamaica flight

Passengers who had paid for air tickets to Jamaica over the Easter weekend were turned away at the airport after being told the travel company had not completed their booking.

A crowd of angry passengers, all of whom had been blocked from boarding planes to Kingston over the long weekend, gathered outside Cayman 123 Travel on Eastern Avenue on Tuesday morning, waving receipts from the company and demanding to be reimbursed.

The company appeared to be shut and newspaper was plastered across the door. Eventually, a representative turned up and told the customers they would be repaid or put on new flights to Jamaica.

Theresa Chin, the owner of the company, refused to comment on the situation to the Cayman Compass.

The passengers, many of whom had booked their tickets months in advance, say they were told at the Cayman Airways check-in desk airport that the payments had not come through from the travel company.

Bharat Persuad from Guyana had booked a ticket home via Kingston to be with his son, who is due to have heart surgery on Thursday.

He said he was one of around 25 people turned away from the flight on Tuesday morning. Mr. Persuad, who had a receipt for a $819 ticket to Guyana, via Jamaica, said he was told there was no record of any reservation.

Karissa Cameron, who was traveling to Kingston with a friend to start school, was also turned away at the airport.

She said, “I got to the counter and the ticket agent asked what travel company. I told them 123 and the look on her face told me there was a problem.”

She said the agent told her the ticket was showing as reserved but no payment was confirmed, and if she and her friend wanted to board the flight, they would have to purchase another ticket.

Another man, who did not want to be named, said he had the same problem on Saturday and had been trying to get hold of someone from the company ever since.

Inspector Raymond Christian of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Financial Crimes Unit said police had received a complaint last Thursday from a passenger who had purchased a ticket through the company. But he said the issue had been resolved between the person and the company, and the complaint was withdrawn.

Cayman Airways did not respond to a request for comment by press time.


  1. James, I think everyone would like to see a follow up on this story.
    Too many times these fly by night companies get away with things like this.
    Just like the guy who sold kitchens from Pasadora Place and then just left with clients deposit money.