If you're single and you know it, grab a fork!

Traveling on your own, or moving to a new country as a single person can be a bit daunting at times. You’re interested in meeting new people, but you’re not the type to just hang out at a bar alone (although I have to say that the bar scene in Cayman is a very friendly one). You may therefore feel that your socializing opportunities are quite limited; but not so. 

The Cayman Islands are known for their fabulous restaurants, and if you don’t want a table-for-one, there are some excellent dining options available where you can enjoy great food, good company, and make friends. 

Cayman Cabana -Farm-to-Table dinner 

Cayman Cabana, on the waterfront in George Town, boasts a terrific bar that looks out over a large patio, just a stone’s throw from the sea. 

Always known for a menu that incorporates locally grown, fresh ingredients, Cayman Cabana took things a step further a few months ago with the introduction of its weekly Farm-to-Table dinner. 

The meal is served family-style on long tables where diners are encouraged to chat with their neighbors, as they pass down plate after plate of mouth-watering dishes. The staff members and management “host” the evening by welcoming everyone at the beginning of the evening and explaining how the concept works. 

What follows is a fantastic multi-course meal featuring seasonal delights, and although patrons are always warned to pace themselves, they inevitably find themselves full-to-bursting at the end. 

“Our farm-to-table evening is the perfect night out for the single diner,” says Luigi Moxam, owner of Cayman Cabana. “As we serve our meals family style on long tables, we invite everyone to chat to their neighbors, and by the end of the night, we see many new friendships formed. It’s a great example of how food encourages fellowship.” 

This evening is perfect for the single diner, as the seating arrangements turn a dinner into a social dining experience. One has only to visit the TripAdvisor website and read the rave reviews of Cayman Cabana’s Farm-to-Table evening to know that it is a wonderful night out for families, friends, couples and singles. 

  • Frequency: Thursday evenings (private and corporate bookings welcome for other nights) 
  • Reservations: 949-3080 or [email protected]

Mizu – Teppanyaki 

Mizu in Camana Bay has become popular for its Asian cuisine, remarkable decor, and a drinks menu favored by fans of the well-made cocktail (I have to admit to being very partial to the variety of sangrias). 

What it is also known for is its Teppanyaki dinners, served outdoors on the patio near the water, where diners are treated to a meal with live entertainment, of a sort. Anyone familiar with the Benihana chain in the U.S. will recognize the setup. All gather around one table to watch the chef work his magic, cooking the food before their very eyes with a touch of flair, and therefore single diners can join a group with ease. 

“Mizu’s Teppanyaki evenings feature a communal table where groups, couples and singles sit together to enjoy a unique experience in the great outdoors,” says Steve Shienfield, meetings and special events coordinator for the Market Street Group. “Our chef combines expert skills with his fun, interactive personality, and so it’s dinner and a show all in one! This is a perfect choice for single visitors to the island, or someone who has just moved here, looking for a night out where they can socialize with new people.” 

  • Frequency: Tuesdays through Sundays 
  • Reservations: 640-0001. 

Camana Bay – Flavour Tour 

What better way to familiarize yourself with the wonders of Camana Bay, than to sign up for its Flavour Tour? Foodie tours and trips through wine country, stopping at vineyards along the way, create delicious and memorable experiences, with each dish and each sip offering new and exciting flavors. The Flavour Tour through Camana Bay works in the same way, taking diners along to five different stops where they can sample cuisine and cocktails to tempt their palates. 

The evening begins with a glass of sparkling wine at the West Indies Wine Company. From there, guests will walk through the pedestrian areas of Camana Bay to popular restaurants Abacus, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Mizu and Ortanique, led by a tour guide. At each stop, the diners enjoy small plate courses complemented by featured wine or cocktail pairings. 

At the end of the evening, everyone heads back to the West Indies Wine Company for a taste of one of their 80 vintages. The shop features state-of-the-art Napa Technology Wine Stations, allowing for a wide variety of wines by the glass. 

The Flavour Tour concept means you don’t have to hang out in a traditional bar setting to mingle. The seating changes at every stop, so there are several opportunities to meet someone new. It’s a great choice for the single visitor or newly resident. 

“It all starts with a group toast of bubbles at West Indies Wine Company,” says Kristy Rivers, senior manager of events and experiences at Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. “This five-stop food tour features local ingredients sourced from the Farmers & Artisans Market, prepared in the signature styles of the restaurants of Camana Bay. It’s a trendy and exciting way to meet new friends while sampling flavours of the Islands. There’s something about sharing a meal and swapping stories that’s guaranteed to make it a wonderfully social experience.” 

  • Frequency: Wednesday nights 
  • Reservations: Tickets available at West Indies Wine Company, or email [email protected]

Cayman Cabana Farm-to-Table: Family style seating welcomes all to socialize. – Photo: Stephen Clarke


Mizu Teppanyaki: It isn’t just a meal – it’s a show!


Camana Bay Flavour Tour: A fun evening begins with a glass of bubbly.