Heritage Arts expands Brac programs

Cayman Brac’s Heritage Arts program is expanding its programs for students and adults. 

The organization is in its second year working with the Spot Bay Junior and West End Primary schools, taking students to tour natural areas and meet with local craftsmen and artists. 

“Last year, we taught the old traditions of wattle and daub, thatch plaiting and so on. This year, we have fully embraced the local community into the program to have them instruct the youngsters on vital aspects of their heritage,” said coordinator Simone Scott. 

“Renowned storyteller Quincy Brown came and gave duppy stories, and the students were so inspired by his stories that they were eager to make up and share their own during the storytelling workshop,” she said. 

The program took stu dents for a tour of West End Community Park, where guides lectured on tree identification.  

“Students were also shown how to build a calavan or bird catcher by Mr. Sheldon Scott and then divided into teams to see which team could actually build one the fastest. They then tried to catch birds at the park,” Ms. Scott said. 

Johnny Scott, a longtime Brac boat builder, showed off his craft to students recently, explaining how catboats and schooners are built and work. 


Heritage Arts students build a calavan, or bird trap.


Students see the first square-stern fishing boat built by Johnny Scott 40 years ago. It is still in use today.