Catos gang up to upset By Rite

SOL Tigers defeated By Rite and opened up the race for championship honors at Smith Road Oval on Sunday.

With three rounds of matches remaining, it is a three-way battle between defending champions By Rite, Greenies and SOL Tigers. It was an intriguing contest, with SOL Tigers producing an all-round performance to narrow the gap in the points tally.

It was the weekend of the Cato family as Corey, Darren and dad Wayne produced with bat and ball.

Batting first, By Rite were never allowed to settle down as SOL Tigers maintained the pressure of controlled bowling.

Corey Cato took 4 wickets and Wayne Cato took 2 wickets. Ainsley Hall scored 47 and Andrew Blackwood scored 42 for By Rite.

SOL Tigers’s right-hand batsman Darren Cato hit 67, and Gregory Smith scored 26 combined to take the fight to the By Rite bowlers.

Veteran Wayne Cato followed up his economical bowling with a late batting flourish ensuring victory for SOL Tigers.

By Rite still leads with 65 points with two matches to play. SOL Tigers have 52.5 points with two matches left, and Greenies are on 49.5 with three matches left.

In Division 2, Cayman Brac had mixed fortunes over the weekend, losing the first match to Mango Tree and defeating Chillies in the second.

Sahadeo Sohan, James Reid and Jeromino Carvalho were the outstanding players for Cayman Brac.

A 4-wicket haul by youngster Rory Forbes and 3 wickets from veteran Robert Cox were not enough for Schools to stop Greenies Too as Nick Sellars hit 59 and Jerry Beck scored 47 to propel them to 220 and victory. Dave Holness scored 73 for Schools.