Online poll: Many not fans of Batabano

A majority of the respondents to last week’s online poll said they either hate Cayman Carnival Batabano or aren’t really fans of the annual festival. 

Roughly the same number of people said they hated Batabano as those who said they loved it. 

Of the 429 total respondents, only 20 – 4.7 percent – said they didn’t know what Batabano is. Of the 409 respondents who therefore presumably knew what it is, the largest segment – 176 people or 43 percent – said they weren’t really fans of the carnival. 

“I just never was into that kind of stuff, especially nowadays when it’s gotten so out of hand,” said one person. 

“For those who like this type of activity, then it’s OK,” said another person. “Personally, I have never been in favor of the type of indecent exposure that is often witnessed at Batabano. Under other circumstances, some of these acts would be considered breaking the law.” 

“It has nothing to do with Cayman’s culture,”said someone else. 

“It’s just another reason to get drunk and half naked,” commented one person. 

“Batabano would be great if it wasn’t for soca music,” said another.  

“Too noisy,” said someone else. 

Another large segment of respondents – 77 people or 18.8 percent who knew what it is – said they hate Batabano.  

“What’s there to like?” asked one person. “Drunken, half-naked idiots running around and simulating sexual acts on the street, right in front of children, tourists, etc. They set a terrible example for children and underline the hypocrisy of our supposedly Christian nation.”  

“I don’t know which is worse, Batabano or Pirates Week, but they both just seem to be excuses for drunken foolishness,” said someone else. “At least at Pirates Week, the drunken fools have clothes on and don’t go around with the kind of lewd behavior you see at Batabano.” 

“Obnoxious and extremely loud music, lewd dancing, women wearing outfits that are way too small for their body types … quite painful indeed,” said another person. 

“It’s an excuse for people to act nasty and dirty,” said one person. 

“It’s too debasing of women,” said another respondent. “I’m not old-fashioned by any means, but I’m sick and tired of seeing young women parading around half naked. They are even doing it with the children.” 

“Time for that thing to go,” said someone else. “It never did and never will represent the true Cayman spirit.” 

“It’s nothing but a spectacle of filth and immoral Christian hypocrisy,” commented one person.  

Eight-two people – or 20 percent of those who knew what Batabano is – responded “It’s OK” to the question.  

“Every year there is some lack of enthusiasm,” said one person. 

“I’m not really a soca fan,” said another. 

“It needs more life, color, rhythm,” said someone else. “Last year was better, though still not there.” 

“I really mind people carrying on like idiots and young girls acting so loose,” said one person. “Not a good example for the younger ones.” 

Seventy-four people – 18.1 percent of those that know what Batabano is – said they loved it, but only two left comments.  

“It is a great, fun event to look forward to and enjoy,” said one person. 

“Costumes,” said the other. 

Next week’s poll question: 

The Minimum Wage Advisory Committee has recommended a $6 hourly minimum wage. Do you think Cayman needs a mandatory minimum wage and if so, what should it be? [Explain why in comments] 

Yes, at $6 per hour 

Yes, but less than $6 per hour 

Yes, but more than $6 per hour. 


I’m not sure 

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