Handbook informs how to make small claims

A handbook that explains in detail how to file a small claims grievance in court is now available free of charge to the public. 

The Office of the Complaints Commissioner has made an expanded fifth edition of the “Small Claims Handbook” available to prospective litigants. 

The 83-page handbook was written by attorney Brett Basdeo, who authored the fourth edition, released in 2010, and is a “quick reference guide that provides simple, lucid and easy to understand explanations and instructions, drawn from the Summary Court Rules 2004,” according to a statement issued by the Government Information Service. 

The handbook also includes downloadable and printable Summary and Grand Court forms that must be completed and submitted to take small claims legal action. 

“The Handbook is meant to assist the general public in pursuing legal remedy through the Summary Court of the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Basdeo said in the statement. “It allows the man on the street to take legal action or defend small claims on his own.” 

“The Complaints Commission used to get at least three requests a week for the handbook, exclusive of online downloads,” said Acting Complaints Commissioner Bridgette Von Gerhardt. “This edition will help to meet that demand, and we thank Maples and Calder and Mr. Basdeo for doing such a thorough and professional job.” 

The new edition features simplified legal terms and definitions; reorganized linear structure to mirror the various stages of proceeding; better guidance for both the plaintiff and defendant; expanded guidance on limitation periods and on completing court forms; updated sample forms; and an enlarged section on the appeals process. 

The handbook is available on the Office of the Complaints Commissioner’s website www.occ.ky/publications and on the Court’s website: www.judicial.ky/guidance/instituting-small-claims.  


Attorney Brett Basdeo hands over the updated fifth edition of the Small Claims Handbook, which he authored, to Acting Complaints Commissioner Bridgette Von Gerhardt, whose office produced the document.