Cayman National double charged some cards

Merchants using Cayman National Bank terminals to process credit card payments double billed some customers, because of what’s been called “a technical problem” with the bank, between April 25 and 27.

Banks say they are working with CNB to refund the money and urge customers to check their statements.

The double-billing glitch hit customers at Butterfield Bank and First Caribbean International Bank, and potentially others.

Cayman National did not return requests for comment.

In a message to customers, First Caribbean states that it is working with CNB to refund the charges as quickly as possible. In a separate statement to customers, Butterfield said it was also working with CNB to reverse the changes and the bank said it would refund any overdraft or declined card fees resulting from the error.

Butterfield called the issue a “technical problem” with CNB. At least one customer who called Butterfield Friday was told that the bank didn’t know when the money would be refunded.

As of press time Sunday, the money had not been reimbursed.

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