New kidney stone treatment at public hospital

The Cayman Islands Hospital has a new laser to treat patients with kidney stones, a painful condition that can affect about 10 percent of the population. 

The Health Services Authority described the holmium laser as a safer, faster way to treat kidney stones, and as the most advanced method for breaking up and dissolving the hard mineral deposits that can develop in kidneys or the bladder. 

In a statement released by Health Services Authority, the hospital’s urologist, Dr. Rafal Krupiniewicz, said, “To be able to offer this outpatient procedure to the community locally, with the best technology available on the market, is an important new service. 

“Whilst kidney stones do not require emergency medicine, they can cause extreme pain and impact the patients’ quality of life considerably. Now we can treat patients quickly, effectively and professionally right here in Cayman,” he added. 

The laser can dissolve the mineral deposits in one treatment. Previously, treatments required more than one visit and would only break up the kidney stones, meaning patients would still have to face the pain of passing the smaller stones. 

Health Services Authority CEO Lizzette Yearwood said, “The addition of this state-of-the-art laser equipment is aligned with our goal to provide high-quality services that are more accessible to residents and visitors of Cayman. Living with kidney stones whilst waiting for a trip off-island for treatment can be incapacitating and we are pleased to now offer this new service.” 


Urologist Dr. Rafal Krupiniewicz with the new Holmium Laser treatment machine at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

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