Home for disabled youth making a move

Government signed a new lease last week to move residents of Maple House, children and young adults with severe disabilities, to a new, larger home in the Northward-Bodden Town area, according to Community Services Minister Osbourne Bodden.

The original plan had been to lease the property for a year while government renovated Maple House. But now, Mr. Bodden told the Legislative Assembly, his ministry is in talks with the owner to buy the property outright as a new permanent home for the government-run program.

“Given the increase in demand for services and the complexity of the issue, the current site is no longer a feasible and safe option,” Mr. Bodden said.

“The facility in Bodden Town that we have leased is a much larger facility, much more suitable as it stands. My opinion is that we should be looking at a purchase of that property going forward,” he said. The new home, the minister said, will need some minor renovations before residents can move in.

Maple House, opened in 1993, provides 24-hour care for children and young adults with disabilities and special needs. It also offers day-care services for young adults with disabilities.

The current home, off Walkers Road near the Cayman Islands Hospital, has been growing beyond capacity for the four-bedroom home. Staff at Maple House said they could not comment since the deal had yet to be finalized. The Department of Children and Family Services, which oversees Maple House, did not respond to questions by press time.

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