Travel company in court for health insurance

Charge not put to co-owner in her personal capacity

Tc Fahrenheit Ltd, trading as 123 Travel, had a guilty plea entered on the company’s behalf on Tuesday.  

The charge admitted to was failing to effect and continue a standard health insurance contract for an employee and dependent between Aug. 16, 2013 and Jan. 6, 2014. 

Defense attorney Crister Brady pointed out that the co-owner of Tc Fahrenheit, Theresa Chin, was personally charged with the same offense, so it seemed like a duplicate charge. 

Magistrate Valdis Foldats said the way the law was written allowed both a company and a company’s director to be charged. 

After the guilty plea was entered on behalf of the company, Mr. Brady asked that the charge not be put to his client in her personal capacity.  

He indicated he would be asking the Crown to review the matter. 

The case was set for mention again on June 11. 

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