Bankers disciplined over pool party antics

A group of employees from the Royal Bank of Canada were disciplined after a staff pool party at a Grand Cayman resort got out of hand.

The bank hosted an event at the Morritt’s resort in East End last month to recognize staff for their “dedication andhard work.”.But the evening ended with several employees facing disciplinary action.

“We regretfully acknowledge that a small number of attendees behaved unprofessionally and in a manner outside of our values,” the bank said in a statement.

“Our management team was on site and responded immediately to resolve the situation and we have since met with the resort’s management team to provide a formal apology.

“We are grateful that no property was damaged, and have taken necessary actions to ensure no such issue occurs in the future.”

The bank declined to say what, specifically, the employees had done, or what action had been taken.

“Matters related to our personnel are confidential,” a spokeswoman said.

The statement added, “RBC Royal Bank strives to be a responsible organization, committed to upholding the highest standards of service excellence and courtesy especially where our clients and our employees are concerned.”

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