Island Games teams announced

Cayman will be sending nine teams to the upcoming NatWest Island Games XVI in Jersey, including competitors in athletics, basketball, golf, sailing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, tennis and beach volleyball. 

The Games will be held from June 27 to July 3. 

The Cayman Islands Games Association and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee announced the teams this week. 

Richard Parchment, Cayman Islands Games Association president, a former president of the Cayman Islands Basketball Association and a national basketball competitor in his youth, said, “I am delighted with the selection of the team, having … witnessed Cayman’s fourth place medal standing at the 2013 Island Games in Bermuda.”  

Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden is optimistic of Cayman’s chances in the Games. 

“I believe our athletes are capable of continuing the Cayman Islands’ Games tradition of winning medals and setting Games records,” he said. “The Island Games provides our athletes with the opportunity to compete internationally against their peers from 24 other island nations and has traditionally been a good medal haul for us, against much larger teams in many cases. I trust this year will be no different.”
Mr. Parchment, Chef de Mission Victor Thompson and assistant manager Lori Powell will travel with the athletes and managers of the nine Cayman Islands teams competing at the Island Games.  

Table tennis 

The table tennis team will consist of team captain Ansel Tempral, national champion Donovan Nelson, Leigh Hipkins, Peter Smith, Claudia Stich and Robert Sairsingh, who is also the team’s manager. 


There will be 14 competitors on the athletics team, including: Karim Murray, Ronald Forbes, Ashleigh Nalty, Tyrell Cuffy, Tahj Lewis, Alexander Pascal, Lacee Barnes, Rochel Gardener, Daneliz Thomas, Dominic Dyer, Shalysa Wray, Perry Anglin, Gerome Bodden, and Daval Gregory, as well as managers Kenrick Williams and Barbara Wilson. 


The golf players who will represent Cayman are: Robert Slatter, who is also team manager, Serge Berube, Isabel Mendes, Emily Ribbins, Samantha Widmer, Orapin Howe, Richard Hastings, Michael Wight and Tracy Moore. 


Cayman’s shooting team will be: Kevin Schirn, who is also team manager, Andrew McBean, Christopher Jackson, Eddie McLean, Richard Bodden, Chanda Glidden and Michaela Pultr. 


Robert Jackson will represent Cayman in the sailing competition. 


Some of Cayman’s top swimmers will be taking to the water to represent the country. These include: Shaune Fraser, Brett Fraser, Lara Butler, Alex McCallum, Geoffrey Butler, Iain McCallum, Jonathan Key, Lauren Hew, Rory Barrett, Eddie Weber, Ella Plunket and Cole Morgan, accompanied by managers Bailey Weathers and Susan Weathers. 

Women’s basketball 

Cayman’s basketball team members are: Shana Linwood-McLaughlin, Khailan O’Connor, Kacie Ramos, Guiesha Smith, Alicia Turner, Lavern Ebanks, Cassianne Lawrence, Sade Wood, Hannah Parchment, La-Torae Nixon and Vania Cornwall. They will be accompanied by coaches Redver Ebanks and April Ebanks, team manager Latasha Nixon and manager/chaperone Debra Smith. 


Tennis players representing Cayman will be: Kevin Fawcett, Ilian Nachev, Daniel Reid and Marc Reid, who will be accompanied by coach Robert Hale and manager Edmond Hydes. 

Beach volleyball 

Volleyball players who will travel to Jersey for the Games are: Shervin Rankin, Richard Campbell, Jessica Wolfenden and Stefania Gandolfi. 

Travel attire 

The teams will be wearing travel attire sponsored by Maples. This is the ninth time, over 17 years, that Maples has sponsored the Cayman team. 

“Maples and Calder has a long history of supporting Cayman’s athletes, both at home and internationally,” said Dale Crowley, partner at Maples and Calder. “We are proud to have assisted the Cayman Islands Games Association with sending over 900 competitors overseas to represent our country and we wish this year’s athletes every success in their respective events.”  

Richard Parchment, CIGA President, thanked Maples for its invaluable contribution, and said “Maples’s support over all these many years and their willingness to give back to the Cayman sporting community is unmatched.”  

In a statement released by the Cayman Islands Games Association, the organization said, “Special thanks is extended to the Cayman Islands Government, Butterfield Bank, Maples, the CIOC, Tortuga Rum company, Progressive Distributors and the Department of Tourism, for their support. The unwavering support of these entities over the years, has helped to ensure that more than 900 athletes from the Cayman Islands, have been afforded the opportunity of international competition.  

“Some have even gone on to become great in their sports and represented Cayman in the Olympics. In addition, CIGA thanks Dart Cayman, a new team sponsor, for its timely contribution to this year’s games.” 

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Dale Crowley of Maples presents the firm’s sponsored travel attire to Lori Powell of the Cayman Islands Games Association, far left, and athletes Dominic Dyer, Lacee Barnes and Tyrell Cuffy.


Shaune and Brett Fraser are among the top swimmers who will represent Cayman in the Island Games in Jersey.


Shervin Rankin will be one of the beach volleyball players representing Cayman in the Island Games.


Hannah Parchment will be among the basketball players on the Cayman team.

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