Stingrays driven by NASCAR themed meet

Stingray Swim Club’s coaches, swimmers, friends and family celebrated July 4 with the first ever Fire Cracker 1500-meter relay.  

Each relay team was made up of swimmers from every age group – with senior swimmers John Bodden and Haley Roulstone, Christian Glidden and Sam Bailey, Cole Morgan and Sarah Jackson serving as captains for each team. 

The fun relay – with the theme of a NASCAR event – had something for everyone and was enjoyed by swimmers and spectators alike. 

At the end of the relay, there was a pot luck refreshment table and a chili cookoff with entries from the coaches, Adrien Royston and John Bodden. 

And when the tasting was done and the votes cast, Bodden was the winner. It is pretty certain that the 2016 Fire Cracker Relay will be even more entertaining, with swimmers going for full effect and creativity in the activities, as well as speed in the pool. 

With events such as the 25m Ducky Challenge, 25m Melon Master, 50m Fin Fun and 25m Parent Power, Stingray’s fun meets are set to continue.  

Taking place on July 10 and July 17 at the Lions Pool from 6-7.30 p.m., followed by a stroke clinic for half an hour with Stingray Swim Club’s coaches, the cost is $5 at the gate. All ages from 6 up are welcome. 

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Members of the Stingray Swim Club celebrate July 4 and their first Fire Cracker 1500m relay.